Centre/Substructured Loss, Berlin, September/October, 2017

It begins...


Below is a brief description of my project to be pursued over the next 5 weeks in Berlin. I am being hosted by The Centre for the Study of Substructured Loss from Toronto, Canada.

PROJECT: (Re)drawing boundaries

The completion of my practice-led PhD two years ago was coincident to the sudden, incomprehensible departure of intimate partner. This latter occurrence ruptured my boundaries of identity, ravaged what I’d thought were fixed perimeters of settled middle-aged life. Yet – from years of artistic practice – I have found that art is most effective (and affective) for re-drawing borders of experience in such moments when the shape of ‘steady’ life is breached by change. When all seems lost, the ‘work of art’ can re-contextualise a narrative, can literally draw toward thresholds of deeper understanding. One need only consider the wealth of visual record left from times past, to ‘see’ how projects of human imagination inform, support, and sustain – both maker and viewer – well beyond the discrete span of the solitary lifetime. While in Berlin, I will be drawing (from and upon) artefacts, collections, and spaces within the city; conversing, transcribing, tracing, and negotiating around gaps and edges of absence and presence –  as these impinge and exceed illusory notions of the safe or stable in existence.